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The Ultimate Body Applicator

It works body wrap | the skinnier you!

So what is this revolutionary product? Well this product is called The ULTIMATE BODY APPLICATOR, & it’s from a company called It Works! Global.  It’s a one of a kind product! It was originally a $300 spa treatment in Europe for 12 yrs until It Works! global bought the rights to it.  They tweaked it into what it is today.  It’s a prepackaged non-woven cloth with a specially formulated detoxing natural ingredient based lotion on it, that’s ready to use right out of the bag.  It’s mess-free, and super easy to use.

Once you put it on, you only have to wait a minimum of 45 mins for “instant” results.  Then once off, you can keep seeing results for up to 72 hours

Who needs scary, expensive, painful weight-loss surgery, when you have this! You’ll see your body tighten, tone & firm before your eyes, and it also aides in reducing the appearance of stretch marks & cellulite.  (What!?!)

You can place it anywhere on your body from your stomach, arms, legs, back, neck, sides, even chest!  And the best part? You can use it right in the comfort of you very own home.  No more expensive spa trips! I’m telling you its such an amazing product, it was asked to be put inside the gift bags at the Oscar’s & Emmy’s! Its even been seen used on the set of sex & the city 2 and by many celebrities! It’s just that special. =)


Amazing right? No? Still not sold? lets recap:

  • easy to use & mess-free
  • weight-loss WITHOUT the expensive surgery/downtime
  • made of all natural ingredients
  • tighten, tone, & firm targeted areas
  • help in reducing the appearance of stretch marks & cellulite
  • detoxing formula helps shrink fat cells, it’s NOT water weight;place anywhere
  • results in as little as 45 mins, with progressive results up to 72 hours
  • use in the comfort of your own home.
  • as seen at the Oscar’s/Emmy’s/set of set & the city 2/& by countless celebs


But let me be clear, it’s NOT water weight that your losing.  I drink tons of water daily, even before discovering this product, & if it was water weight I would have no need for this product.  Its real weight-loss through the detoxing of fat cells, your water intake is just to help flush those toxins out.

Still not sold? Go see the before & afters of many others for more proof that this is an amazing product.

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